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We believe in long and healthy partnerships with travel industry partners to deliver better results and grow our businesses together.
OTA & Wholesalers

More than 800 OTAs and wholesalers globally are integrated to our system via API as buyers. Our product portfolio covers the inventory of over 40+ accommodation partners along with our direct contracts both with individual hotels and international hotel chains such as IHG, Hilton, Starwood.

Due to our volume of 3M room-nights and over 380M EUR revenue per year, we have advantageous agreements with multiple suppliers. Therefore we are able to reach a vast inventory of hotels, some of them even being prepaid and blocked at the beginning of the season. Being integrated with several suppliers with good conditions, we have access to the highest availability and best rates. Our rate types include net rate, BAR rate and pay at hotel rates.

While we manage all these suppliers on our side, you can access all of them just being integrated with just HotelsPro, not losing time to integrate many suppliers one by one. Instead, start receiving bookings immediately, stepping ahead of the competition! Plus it will be hassle-free as you will have a single payment settlement with HotelsPro.

With the help of our analytical capabilities and advanced dashboards, our partners can also have access to detailed sales monitoring tools and insights about searches, look to book rates, conversion and destination reports as well as sales reports including bookings and revenue.

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