We innovate and simplify the lives of our customers and always seek opportunities to become more competitive than ever.
Metglobal, conquering
online travel technologies

Metglobal is a world leading technology powerhouse that aims to provide individuals and businesses with simplified experiences that improve productivity through multiple online effectiveness tools. At Metglobal, we believe in overachieving and innovation, thus use the most intelligent tools there are in all that we do. Since the very beginning, we have captured opportunities to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Unlimited Possibilities = Unstoppable Expansion

Metglobal houses a variety of brands in their portfolio established in online travel and travel related technologies allowing our partners to operate in over 205 countries and territories across the globe with an inventory of over 600.000 hotels and 20.000 destinations. Metglobal offers its partners services that add value to their businesses.

Promising Future

Metglobalā€™s network of partners spans across all continents with more than 44,000+ partner agencies, 83 local franchise agencies, more than 800 API connections. Continuing to invest in new technological products and strengthening partner relations, Metglobal keeps growing by two digit figures year over year and helps its partners grow.

Globally localized

With offices in Orlando, London, Barcelona, Shanghai, Dubai, Cancun and its headquarters in Istanbul, Metglobal has localized its customer touch points per each region, while managing strategy, infrastructure and technology centrally from the headquarters in Istanbul.

Data centric

At Metglobal, we make our decisions based on data, we love data! We have a big data ecosystem which helps all business teams make data driven decisions. With the help of our analytical capabilities and advanced dashboards, our partners can also have access to detailed sales monitoring tools.