Our Team
We invest in people. We know that great leaders inspire the greatness in others.
Mustafa Korkmaz | HotelsPro Managing Director

Having graduated from İstanbul Bilgi University, International Relations and having a masters degree on European Union Politics, Mustafa Korkmaz has had more than 11 years of tourism related experience including operations and sales roles and managing different worldwide B2B brands including HotelsPro. He lives in İstanbul and is married.

Uğur Altun | Tatil.com Managing Director

Ugur Altun completed his undergraduate at Bahcesehir University, with a Business Administration degree from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, and then graduated from Okan University with a Masters Degree in Sales and Marketing. Ugur Altun started his professional career with Metglobal, where he worked in a number of departments gaining experience. In April of 2012, he joined tatil.com in the department of marketing, and earned the title as Marketing and Business Development Director two years later. In 2016, he was promoted as General Manager, and continues to excel in this position

M. Utku Altınkaya | CTO

M. Utku Altinkaya started his professional career by developing and selling operational software to public health agency at the age of 12. He moved developing web applications while he was a teenager. While studying engineering in Yildiz Technical University, he created a real estate web startup, then moved to communications sector and lead high scale projects of leading GSM operator. He worked as the CTO of a prominent Swedish startup, CTO of the leading consumer-loyalty company in Turkey and his own startups. He is married.

Dağhan Alpman | CFO

Dağhan Alpman received his bachelor’s degree from Istanbul Technical University and his master’s degree in Business Administration from Istanbul Bilgi University. Dağhan Alpman started his career as an independent auditor and worked in a number of companies in the preceding years where he gained extensive experience in the online travel industry, foreign investment and U.S. Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) processes and transactions as a CFO before joining Metglobal. He is a Certified Public Accountant in the U.S. and Turkey and also holds Certified Fraud Examiner, Chartered Global Management Accountant and Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst certifications.

Eren Doğa Önem | Product Director

Eren Onem has a BA degree on Economics from Hacettepe University, Turkey and holds an MBA fromBahcesehir University, Turkey. He has been actively participating in a wide variety of BI projects completed in well known companies in Turkey since 2008. He is married with a son and residing currently in Istanbul, Turkey.