Solutions for Partners
We believe in long and healthy partnerships with travel industry partners to deliver better results and grow our businesses together.

Metglobal is working on ways in order to transform your business more effectively and seamlessly. So we developed Liquid as Metglobal Provider API Specification. The specification defines the technical standards of our API and helps you to integrate your inventory to our own ecosystem by yourself. You don’t need to wait in the queue to get your API be integrated.

Liquid has fast and smooth integration steps:
  • You will receive Liquid specs from HotelsPro
  • You have to update/implement your API according to specs
  • HotelsPro will do the hotel mapping at the same time
  • HotelsPro will check the certification tests once the development and mapping is done
  • You will start to distribute your products to more than 205 countries, more than 44,000 retail customers, and 800+ OTA’s globally.

For further information and to learn about the benefits,
you can always reach us at

suppliers via extranet

Compass is the hotel extranet system to manage the direct hotel inventory of Metglobal. Hoteliers can easily manage inventory (bookings, allotment & rate plans, contracts

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